ROMs // Welcoming KennethLow & KarenSun


Photostory Excerpt

The relationship of love between Kenneth and Karen is sweet and innocent, as we took them through the baby steps of creating a few ‘couple-look’ photos for the ROM ceremony. We had a few laughs as we gradually got them to feel more comfortable taking their very first ‘pre-wedding-like‘ shots. Though tensed and very excited for the solemnization, the look when we saw both Kenneth and Karen tearing up while mentioning their vows, just totally made our jobs so much more meaningful on their very special day on the calendar 01.03.14 (In direct translation of 一生一世 meaning “Together for Life“).

Thus, we would like to wish this couple a blissful life together and may love overflow into your everyday lives! 😉 — Robert Chai #matchmadestories #roberryarts #roberryartsstudios #singapore #safra

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