Weddings // Celebrating MingJie & Karen


Photostory Excerpt

Ming Jie is a great pal of mine since back in our army days. Doing fun and great design works discussions together, time flew past quickly and life after the army came swiftly. But too swiftly yet very lucky it came for him as I’m happy that he gradually found himself such a lovely and beautiful wife Karen of whom I have the privilege of meeting over the recent years.

I saw a gradual but effective change in him into a man more wiser and obviously more well-groomed than he once was! (All thanks to his lovely wife!) I was glad that I had the honour to be given the opportunity to capture snippets of their beautiful wedding day and I would hope you guys would join me in congratulating this wonderful couple on their lovely actual day wedding celebrations!

Have a blessed life together! 😉 — Robert Chai

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